Hermes™ is a customizable
money transfer electronic platform,
supporting Western Union™ money transfer services
as well as other payment services

fast • easy • safe money transfer worldwide



HERMES™ supports the Western Union™ money transfer platform.


Western Union™ is the leader in the Money Transfer industry. It operates since 1852 in 200 countries, with more than 500,000 POS worldwide. Are you a Western Union master agent starting business ? Hermes™ provides a comprehensive solution to manage and automate every aspect of your day to day Western Union™ money transfer business.



HERMES™ can integrate with WUPOS™



If you are already a Western Union™ master agent using WUPOS™, then you can benefit from Hermes™ business control, rich back office functionality and customer support features. Please contact us for more info.



HERMES™ supports domestic transactions



HERMES™ supports independent, non Western Union™ domestic transactions. You can benefit from the full Hermes functionality while your customers perform local Outbound and Inbound money remittances in your point of sales network.

Money Transfer Worldwide




Money Transfer




Services Support


Services Support







Maximize your money transfer business control

Five distinct modules to support your day to day money transfer business

Full business financial control : reconciliation with Western Union files, commissions calculation

Full control of business rules and parameters

Customer support specialized screens

Multi currency support

English & Local language support


Grow your money transfer business

Easily expandable to face your growing network of subagents

Business model supports retail chains as well as franchisors

Fast remittance execution ensures smooth transaction volume increase


Reduce your operating costs

WEB based, no installation required

Java implementation leads to reduced infrastructure costs


  • Conduct money transfer service
  • Online and offline communication with Agent help desk
  • Daily balance report
  • Detailed transaction diaries
  • Information tools for customer support
  • Transactions processing is automatic or can be first manually approved by Agent Helpdesk  when specific criteria are met
  • Online transactions list monitoring for all points of sales
  • Point of sales assistance during their daily operation
  • Tools for transaction status inquiries
  • Option to approve or decline the transaction
  • Online and offline communication with point of sales
  • Fraud reporting and monitoring
  • Agent operators’ performance reporting
  • Point of sales financial activity online monitoring
  • Point of sales activity blocking facility
  • Point of sales daily limit increase facility
  • Financial reporting
  • ERP bridges submission and control
  • Financial settlement with Western Union
  • Upper management reporting
  • Sales reporting
  • Budget control report
  • Dynamic report generator tool for ad-hoc reports generation
  • Sales oriented geographical segmentation
  • Management of all point of sales operational, security and financial parameters
  • Management of system parameters
  • System calendars and points of sale calendars


  • Fully WEB based – no client software installation is required

  • Written in Java 2, HermesTM is portable across all popular server platforms (Linux, Microsoft)

  • Uses Spring framework

  • Implementation based on the MVC design pattern. Data model and presentation layer are totally separated

  • SQL server database support integrated

  • Core transactional system contains business logic rules and can be accessed by various money transfer channels

  • Fast operations

  • Scalable architecture

  • HERMESTM uses industry security standards

  • Client module access is restricted by IP address

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Do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are you a Western Union master agent wishing to upgrade your money transfer system, or to extend WUPOS™  capabilities please contact us.

partner network


We are looking for committed partners worldwide that can provide their existing or future customers with the “Hermes” solution, in an ultimate and professional way.

You can act in your region either:
  • as an “Hermes” Reseller, in order to promote the “Hermes” product to existing or future customers, or
  • as an “Hermes” Local agent, that not only promotes the product, but can provide a high quality of first level local support, or even
  • as an “Hermes” Solution Partner, to provide a customized solution based on the “Hermes” product.
Either way, you can expand your business in an ever-growing market, with no competition on the product line of W.U. agents, or even other Payment Institutions (PSPs, Acquirers, Card Issuers) that seek a more productive and robust way to run their business.
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